Pupil Premium

Pupil Premium 2018/2019

Number of pupils in school 184
Total number of pupils eligible for PPG 85
Amount of PPG received per pupil £1,320 per primary and £935 per secondary
Total amount of PPG received £95,645


Background and context of PPG
PPG was introduce for pupils eligible for free school meals (FSM) at any point over the last 6 years with the intention of closing the attainment gap between disadvantaged and no-disadvantaged children. This is at a rate of £1,320 per primary pupil and £935 per secondary pupil in 2018.


There are no guidelines on how this money can be spent, although performance tables now contain information about the impact schools have made on closing the gap between different groups.


Schools must evidence strategies in place to raise the attainment of FSM pupils and what the associated costs are alongside attainment and progress figures for this group of children.


Since 2012 schools have been required to publish details of our PPG on our website, which must include:

·         The amount of the school’s allocation

·         Details of how it is intended to be spent

·         Details of how previous years allocation was spent

·         The effect of the expenditure on the attainment of the pupils grant was intended for

This should be an overall breakdown of funding and how effective it has proved.


Barriers to attainment
·         All pupils have an Education, Health and Care Plan

·         All pupils have some level of cognition and learning difficulties

·         85 pupils have speech language and communication difficulties. 60 of whom have support from the Speech and Language Therapy service

·         29 pupils have English as an additional language and will usually have come into the UK with very little formal schooling before this point

·         8 with additional medical needs that means they miss long periods of school or have many medical appointments

·         19 pupils have SEMH difficulties alongside their learning needs

·         Many of our pupils live in the most deprived areas of Wolverhampton (54.8% FSM)


1)      Ensure that pupils are taught in class sizes no bigger than 12 and that each class has the support of a TA

2)      Pupils make expected or above progress in English and Maths, in relation to their starting point and individual need

3)      Exclusion rates are lowered and disruption to classes are lowered

4)      Pupils social use of language and confidence in using language improves

5)      Staff training in SULP will ensure that it is delivered consistently throughout the school by teaching staff

6)      Younger pupils are toilet trained by the end of KS1, therefore, enabling pupils more consistent time in lessons


Action Is this a new or additional action? Objective Intended outcomes Cost
SULP Continuation 4, 5 20 pupils are removed from SpLT register by the end of the year


All pupils make expected or above expected progress in communication by the end of the year


EAL pupils reach expected level

Full time SPT technician



Additional support in KS 3 Continuation 1,2,3,4,5 All pupils make expected or above progress in English and maths and life skills Full time TA


Behaviour support TA New 2,3 Number of short term exclusions decrease


Number of classroom disruptions decrease

Full time TA (new post) £20004


Additional training/CPD £1500

Whole school reward system linked to behaviour support plans Continuation 3 Number of short term exclusions decrease


Number of classroom disruptions decrease

Intervention classes Continuation but structured in a different way 1,2,4 All pupils make expected or above progress in English and maths Equivalent of 2 teachers for 4 days


Continuation of CPD for teaching staff in delivery of SULP   2,4,5 All pupils make expected or above expected progress in communication Training costs


Employ care assistant to continue toilet training for the younger pupils   1,2,4,6 Enables trained staff to remain in classes



Part Time Care Assistant


TOTAL       £92234
  • Additional class in the Primary Department to ensure that the numbers in each class do not go above the optimum of 12 – All Primary classes made expected or above expected progress overall. In KS2 12.5% did not make expected progress in literacy but made expected or above in maths
  • Keeping the additional TA support in KS3 to ensure that staff to pupils ratios are optimal for the complex needs of the pupils – In KS3 80% made expected or above progress overall, 72% in literacy and language and 88% in maths
  • Ensuring that the Speech and Language therapy technician is able to offer a full timetable of support for SULP in all Key Stages – SpLTT has only taught SULP this year. She has been engaged in staff training through the year so that staff can offer support in class next year. 18 pupils signed off from SpLT next year.