Westcroft Food Bank

Westcroft Food Bank

We are very aware of the current ‘cost of living crisis’ and the impact that this will be having on many of the families that make up the Westcroft community.

Every year we try to support the Express and Star newspaper’s ‘Feed a family at Christmas’ campaign. Because of the current economic climate, the Express and Star have decided to start their ‘Feed a family’ campaign now. Whilst I would like us to support this campaign by collecting goods for local food banks, I feel that we first need to support the families that make up our own school community.

The last year has seen families that have previously been successfully managing their income and expenditure plunged into crisis because of the increasing cost of goods and the freezing of pay/benefits. If you are one of the many families that are struggling to make ends meet, please contact us at school and we will do what we can to help you by giving you a parcel containing food and household goods when you need it. Please don’t feel that there is any shame in this whatsoever. Many families are currently in this position through no fault of their own. If you require some help, please email info@westcroftschool.co.uk or telephone school and ask to speak to Mrs Brindle. This process will be as discreet as possible.

Obviously, if we are going to support families that really need it, we are going to need the support of other families that are able to offer this. If you are in the fortunate position where you could afford to buy an extra few goods with your weekly shop, we would be extremely grateful if you could send these into school. They can then be stored and distributed to Westcroft families that need them.

  • Please send in food and drinks that are in tins, cans, packets and bottles. They must be unopened and in date. Items such as pasta, rice, breakfast cereal, tinned goods, biscuits and long life milk would be ideal. Please don’t send in any fresh produce such as bread, fresh milk or fruit juice. No alcohol.
  • Basic toiletries such as shower gel, deodorant and toothpaste would be really welcome as long as they are unopened and in their original packaging.
  • Household items like washing up liquid and cleaning goods are also very welcome if they are unused and in their original packaging.


Yours sincerely


Mr C Bates