P4 News

P4 have been working hard this term. Since November they have been playing table cricket once a week with tuition from an outside provider and in February they were entered into the special schools table cricket competition.

There were several other local special schools playing for the entire day in a tournament and P4 won coming first overall which they were delighted with their individual and teamwork success and they each won a medal and a certificate. Excellent well done!

On the 14 February P4 walked with P2 to Northycote farm. It was a lovely sunny day and we really enjoyed our visit. P2 left us just before we got to the farm due to other commitments. On route to the farm we went through a few kissing gates and one of the students thought it was very funny as it was Valentine’s day as well and asked was the trip arranged because it was a special day. When P4 arrived at the farm and were allowed to explore the play area. They enjoyed it so much they asked to go again.