Mathematics is essential to everyday life our high-quality mathematics education develops key skills relevant in all curriculum areas allowing pupils to become effective learners, whilst providing pupils with tools to be successful during their time in school, employment and society.


Maths Subject Intent

Our intent is to provide an inspiring Maths curriculum to enable pupils to be the best they can be by increasing independence and giving them skills to support their future. We recognise the importance of Maths and aim to provide highly engaging lessons, in which the content and delivery is tailored to meet the needs of each pupil and class.

We offer the breadth of the curriculum through revisiting key Maths skills at different phases, which enables for balance, progression and continuity. There is a strong emphasis on active and practical learning that is applied through learning in a real-life context. We begin by exploring in a practical manner, before challenging the children to explore pictorially and then move on to exploring in abstract ways when suitable.

Pupils are encouraged to explore new skills, before using and applying skills. Maths Lessons are developed to build upon pupils’ resilience, self-esteem and to develop the pupils’ confidence.

At Westcroft, we have designed and created our own Maths curriculums, which include blocks of learning that sequentially builds on previous learning.

This provides teachers with a framework to enable our children and young people to achieve their potential. Teaching is underpinned by the most recent pedagogical methods and rationales for SEND pupils, ensuring quality first, inclusive teaching across all strands of Maths.

Phase 1- 3

Our Maths curriculum has a focus on number skills, shape, space and measure through practical real life situations, which prepares them well for future learning or employment.

The curriculum will give students the opportunity to develop the following skills (the delivery of these skills is directly planned by staff who know the needs of their class individually):

Pathway 1 Maths

Pathway 2 Maths

Pathway 3 Maths

Phase 4-5

All pupils have 2 weekly Maths.  Through a careful selection of relevant units, learners will be able to prepare for assessments whilst developing maths skills that are essential for life and work.  In Maths there is a focus on time, money and number skills.

AIM Entry level 1 Maths Yearly Curriculum Overview

AIM Entry 2 Maths Yearly Curriculum Overview

AIM Maths yearly overview Living Independently

AIM L1 English and Maths SFLW Yearly Overview

AIM E2 English and Maths Living Independenly Yearly Overview

AIM E3 English and Maths Living Independenly Yearly Overview

AQA Award Pre Entry Level Scheme Maths