Year 7 Catch-Up Funding

How is the Year 7 Catch Up Premium used at Westcroft?

In 2018/19, Westcroft received £10,000 to support students who did not reach the national average in reading or Maths. As Westcroft is a school for pupils with complex cognitive needs this is all Year 7 pupils.

The catch up funding contributes to:-

  • Ensuring year 7 pupils are taught in class groups of 12 or less with the additional support of a TA.
  • Ensuring that pupils not making expected progress are timetabled for small intervention classes in English and Maths.

Catch Up Impact 2017/2018 – Progress

All pupils in Westcroft fall below the National standard. Progress is monitored using their baseline line assessment on entry and taking into account the pupils SEND.

  • Language and literacy = 87% of Year 7 pupils made expected progress and 13% above expected progress
  • Maths – 7% made expected progress and 93% above expected progress