Working With Parents

The Assistant Head Teachers (Health & Well Being) role is to ensure that attendance for all pupils is at its highest level.

The Assistant Head Teacher (Health & Well Being) is also the designated person for child protection and looked after children.

As a school we have a duty of care to all our pupils and when we have concerns over the care of pupils we have a responsibility to contact social care. The Assistant Head Teacher (Health & Well Being) ensures that every effort is made to enable parents to work with the school and so develop positive and constructive relations with all parties. We have an “open door” policy and welcome informal drop ins from parents.

Reporting to Parents/Carers

All pupils have Individual Education Plans set at the start and reviewed at the end of each term, this is based around outcome set in the Education Health Care Plan review. At this annual meeting parents/carers will also receive and discuss Current Assessment Data this is the annual report to show the pupils progress over the year. Pupils will receive termly progress reports, these are short reports to indicate progress and effort during the term.

Parents are invited to a Parents Engagement Week in the autumn and summer terms and once a year to annual reviews of their child’s EHCP. Parents are encouraged to contact school when they have concerns, and to provide feedback to school on ILPs and Annual Reviews, and the annual parent questionnaire.

School Governing Body

The Governing Body has a general responsibility for the effective management of the school acting within the framework set by national legislation and by the policies of the Central Learning Partnership Trust (CLPT). It is responsible for staff appointments and for the oversight of the curriculum and school resources. The Local Governing Body meets every term to discuss policies and receive reports from the Executive Headteacher. The Governors seek to form links between the school, the Central Learning Partnership Trust and the community it serves. All correspondence to the Governors should be addressed to the school. THE GOVERNORS A full list of Governors can be found on the