Attendance, Absence and Holidays

It is important that parents inform the school, by telephone (01902 55 8350) or email (info@westcroftschool. if their child is to be absent from school, on the first day, and third day..

Our Office Staff will chase up 1st day absences if we have not heard anything from home. Pupils whose attendance falls below 95% will be monitored closely. Persistent poor attendance, without mitigating circumstances, could lead to prosecution.


If your child is to be absent from school for the purpose of a family holiday (two weeks per year is allowed) then a holiday form is available from the school office. A decision will be made by the Executive Headteacher or Headteacher as to whether the holiday is authorised this will only be authorised if attendance is above 95%. If holiday is taken without permission this could result in a fine.


Miss Slym is our Assistant Head responsible for Health & Wellbeing. Her role is to ensure that attendance for all pupils is at its highest level. Miss Slym is also our designated person for Child Protection, Safeguarding and Looked After Children. As a school we have a duty of care to all our pupils and when we have concerns over the care of pupils we have a responsibility to contact social services