Happy Monday!

We are now preparing for all children to return to school on Monday 8th March.

The start and finish times will continue to be staggered – those who drop off and collect their children 8:30 – 2:30 and those on transport 8:45 – 2:45. If by Thursday 4th March you have not been made aware of your transport pick up time please call 01902 554154 for more information.

As we are trying to ensure that children remain in their own bubbles we would ask that only the children of critical workers attend afterschool clubs until after Easter!

As the children have missed so much school recently we have made a decision to cancel the PD day that had previously been planned for 1 April 2021 so all children will be in school for a full day that Thursday.

If your child is year seven or above and you wish for them to have a lateral flow test, contact the school office where the consent forms can be organised for you. Please be aware the pupils must do their own test – staff are only there to supervise.

Well done to each and every parent and carer for all the home-schooling that has been undertaken since Christmas, some of the videos and photos sent to us have certainly demonstrated how well you all embraced it – great work everyone! We are however SO looking forward to having all the children back with us!

If you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact school.

Take care and stay safe.