Key Stage 3 (Phase 3)

The Phase 3 Curriculum encompasses all aspects of the National Curriculum. It is delivered through a balanced and varied programme whilst ensuring that it is relevant for all the pupils within this phase.

Phase 3 has a creative and flexible and active curriculum designed to meet pupils personal,
social and academic needs. Core subjects like English, Maths, Science and Computing are
taught in a structured and isolated manner whereas other subjects are covered in our topic
based approach which changes half termly. Independence skills and personal development
are a focal point of our curriculum. Lessons like home skills, health and well being, and the
world around us emphasise the importance of developing independence and prepare pupils
for life after Westcroft.
An opportunity to look at skill development and foundation subjects on a rotational basis
gives the pupils a chance to explore their creative skills and develop news skills so they
become well rounded individuals

Please click here to see our Phase 3 Curriculum document