Our Aims

School Aims

  • To provide a broad, balanced and appropriate curriculum
  • To encourage positive, personal, spiritual, social and cultural attitudes
  • To guide each pupil towards achievement of their potential in all areas
  • To provide activities promoting a healthy and active lifestyle, improving skills competence, independence and confidence
  • To provide opportunities for pupils to experience, integrate and achieve in communities beyond that of Westcroft
  • To encourage professional development and expertise of all staff in order to ensure high quality teaching and learning

Curriculum Aims

  • To provide a positive, safe and stimulating learning environment for all our pupils.
  • To provide appropriate, meaningful and enjoyable learning experiences, that suitably challenge individual pupils and give opportunity to experience success.
  • To involve pupils in their learning process, sharing learning goals and resultant outcomes.
  • To enable pupils to acquire skills, knowledge and understanding from a broad spectrum of National Curriculum and extension activities.
  • To encourage and develop the use of thinking skills.
  • To acknowledge and reward achievement, attainment and good behaviour.
  • To inform and involve parents in their children’s learning.
  • To teach, promote and encourage good and effective citizenship.
  • To encourage pupils to express preferences and communicate need.
  • To increase pupils’ awareness and understanding of their environment and the world.
  • To give pupils the skills to interact with a wide range of people and function as independent citizens.