Consultation Report, 5th June 2018

Changes to the School Day – Summary of Responses:


No written responses received.


Written Responses Received – 22 (12% of total number of families)

6% in favour; 3% against of total number of families

Positive Responses - 16

Positive Responses – 16

Summary of positive responses:

  1. Appreciate that decisions such as this are considered
  2. Good for parents that have children at other schools
  3. That the school will still provide the appropriate education
Negative Responses or Concerns - 6

Negative Responses or Concerns – 6

Summary of responses:

  1. Reducing hours that the pupils are in school
  2. Affects working parents
Alternative Options

Alternative options given by stakeholders:

  1. Reducing the school week to 4 days – this would not be viable as the pupils would lose a significant amount of time in school and therefore negates the first concern.
  2. Gaining sponsorship from external organisations – as we are not a PFI school then this option is not viable
  3. Legal challenge to improve funding from Wolverhampton City Council – the funding formulas have been dictated by Central Government and is a National Issue and not a local one
  4. Parental Contributions – Many parents cannot afford to make contributions to school
  5. Parents pay for after school clubs and supervision of their children – that this could be an option should sufficient numbers of parents require this additional service
Responses to Above

Responses to all of the above:

  1. Reducing the hours that the children are in school – there is not statutory legislation which dictates how many hours pupils should be in school and this applies to mainstream schools as well as special schools. Many of our pupils are struggling to engage for the duration of the current day leading to increased incidents of disruptive behaviours, particularly during the afternoon periods.  We have already altered the length of breaks and lunchtimes to maximise teaching and learning time once the day length has been shortened, so in effect the pupils will only “lose” 3 hours per week.
  2. Affects working parents and those who collect children from other schools – In the first instance the intention is to provide after school clubs daily until 3:30pm to minimise the impact to this group of parents. We would consider providing further wrap around care until 4:30pm but this would be at the sole expense of the parents and potentially would be unviable due to the number of parents wanting this service. Both of these options would entail parents collecting their children at the appropriate time as the main transport would take children at the end of the main school day.